An advertising work for a preeminent Saudi Arabian Oil and Gas company, based on a concept that they are leading the industry.
Creative advertising campaign for a multinational manufacturing company based in California. The concept was built on the extreme strength and flexibility of their new products. 
Left image; Advertisement for one of the largest chocolate brands in Turkey, designed for Valentine's Day.
Right image; Advertisement for Nestle's local brand in Eastern European markets.
Various advertising works above  for a select group of well established oil and gas companies, with an underlying message of being environmentally conscious and energy saver.
Art direction of photo shootings and advertising campaigns for a high end clothing company in Europe.
Print Advertising works  for a Pasadena-California based financial services company, Western International Securities. The concepts were based on independent yet strong and successful professionals.
Print Advertising works for world-renowned 5-star hotels in Middle East and Africa.
Conference advertisements for the multinational Mergers & Acquisitions organization, IMAP.
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